Cross Bay Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain

Cross Bay Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain
Cross Bay Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain

Decrease Joint Pain And Stiffness

Arthritis pain may be an everyday occurrence for you but there are strategies you can have in place to minimize joint pain and inflammation. The easiest way to do this is with the assistance of a physical therapy.

At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our patients are guided through an exercise program that keeps their muscles and joint strong and loose and decreases their daily pain. This includes a few sessions each week of physical therapy in order to build back up your muscles so they can easily handle daily movement.

With arthritis and it’s degenerative process, your body is in a constant state of inflammation. By strengthening your muscles, you can provide them support, where daily movement isn’t so hard. By not moving your arthritic joints, pain and stiffness will only get worse, which is where physical therapy comes in.

Physical Therapy For Arthritis

During your first visit, our hands-on physical therapists will create a physical therapy program for you to follow and then guide you during each session. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we will also teach you how to reduce the strain you place on your joints daily.

Our expert physical therapists will teach your proper posture and body mechanics that will relieve pain and improve body function. We can also show you how to properly use assistive devices such as walkers, canes, braces, shoe inserts, and joint supports.

At each session, you will receive hot and cold therapy to ease joint stiffness and pain. We recommend that you modify your environment such as using ergonomic hairs to improve function and decrease pain.

The goals of physical therapy is to teach you how to perform exercises and stretches that will decrease joint pain and teach you tricks that you can do at home to reduce the stiffness of your joints. We show you how to best use a hot or cold compress for yourself. Visits are often under an hour and we provide you strategies for care that you can use at home.

There are many benefits of physical therapy including both the treatment you will receive at a physical therapy session and the knowledge you will gain about how consistently relieve joint pain.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy is one of the best rated physical therapy centers in Queens and this is because we will always be by your side guiding you and teaching you.

If you don’t apply stretching and strengthening exercises, your arthritic pain and stiffness will only get worse but we can change that at physical therapy.

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