Happiness And Exercise: Physical Therapy After Injury

Happiness And Exercise: Physical Therapy After Injury
Happiness And Exercise:  Physical Therapy After Injury

Physical Therapy As A Substitute For Exercise

Exercise is a proven method to increase happiness. At physical therapy, our patients get the chance to exercise while injured. If you have suffered an injury, physical therapy has many proven benefits.

Firstly, you are under the guidance of a professional physical therapist whose job it is to make sure that you not only recover but also do so without sustaining another injury. I have known many people who try to recover from an injury on their own but end up with another injury by working out incorrectly.

Physical Therapy is often done in two stages. The first stage is to guide the healing process of the injury and the second stage is then to rebuild the weakness of the injured areas so that it goes back to normal. A weak area of the body is more susceptible to injury, which is why many people suffer chronic injuries if they do not rehabilitate and only focus on healing.

Hands-On Physical Therapy

During your initial evaluation, our physical therapists at Cross Bay Physical Therapy create a customized physical therapy program for you based on your injury and lifestyle. We then provide hands-on therapy while you go about your exercising and stretching. We may also provide a home-exercise program to help you get better faster if you so desire.

Importantly, physical therapy is a great way to maintain your fitness while being injured. By maintaining body movement, happiness increases, which can help a person avoid bad moods during injury.

Physical Therapy is essential to the recovery process because it prevents long-term disability and weakness due to injury. Again, the two stage process of healing and rehabilitating is how you get back to normal and even stronger than normal. We take your recovery very seriously and are confident that we can help you recovery.

One benefit of physical therapy is that you have a mentor on your road to recovery. Instead of having to undergo recovery by yourself, you can have a partner. You may be able to do it on your own but not only do you risk further injury but you also risk healing at a much slower pace or not healing at all.

For example, you may be able to heal but fail to implement a program that consistently gets you stronger. In this way, you might always be at risk of another injury. Let us help you. It’s what we do.

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