Heal Your Knee Injury With Cross Bay Physical Therapy

Heal Your Knee Injury With Cross Bay Physical Therapy
Heal Your Knee Injury With Cross Bay Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy For Knee Injuries

Your knee currently hurts and you are looking for the best solution. Of course, you don’t want surgery and you probably don’t need it. Creating strong and flexible muscles is often the best way to keep your knees healthy and get rid of knee pain.

You might be surprised at how much knee pain is caused by weak and tight muscles. Strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee supports your knee joint and reduces stress on the knee. The less you strain your knee and the stronger you are, the better chance you will have at not only finding pain relief but also preventing further injury.

Flexibility is also key to the knee’s health. It is vital to preventing injury. Strengthening your knee will build muscle but can also tighten these muscles and tight muscles are prone to injury. Gentle stretching after your exercises will keep your muscles long and flexible and reduce muscle soreness.

Physical Therapy is one of the best approaches to heal a knee injury because you are guided by a professional during your recovery process. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, your physical therapists will tell and show you which exercise are right for you.

Physical Therapy Path To Recovery

During your first session, one of your expert physical therapists will examine you and create a treatment plan for you to follow. The key is to start slowly. Building muscles takes time and as you get stronger, you will notice pain relief and be able to gradually increase your repetitions and lifting weight.

Our physical therapists will make sure you don’t overdo it, which can lead to many more weeks of injury. You should be challenging your muscles but not to the point of bringing on pain. This is why we recommend going with Cross Bay Physical Therapy so our physical therapists can make sure you don’t further injure yourself.

You should never feel serious pain during one of your exercise. If this is the case, make sure to stop and tell your physical therapist right away.

Knee pain is increased by muscle weakness. It is possible that you have a minor tendon or ligament injury but by strengthening your knee and it’s surrounding muscles, you will allow the injury to heal more efficiently.

Physical Therapy is one of the most effective non-surgical knee treatment in medicine because it slowly builds your knee up while simultaneously allowing any injury to heal. At the same time, one of our physical therapists will be guiding you every step of the way making sure that you don’t injury yourself and your recovery timeline is on schedule.

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