Healing An Ankle Injury and Weak Ankles - Physical Therapy

Healing An Ankle Injury and Weak Ankles - Physical Therapy
Healing An Ankle Injury and Weak Ankles - Physical Therapy

Repairing Weak Ankles

Weak ankles are a consequence of a previous ankle injury. This ankle injury, often a sprain, may have happened years ago, but still the ankle is weak and a person doesn’t know why. A weak ankle is susceptible to commonplace injury and poor balance. This is one problem that is easily fixed but most are just unaware that it is the reason why ankle injuries keep happening.

So, if you are reading this, you may have an ankle injury. This first step is to heal this injury. Normally, an ankle sprain takes around six weeks to heal and at Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we will help guide your ankle to recovery. Next though, it is crucial to rebuild the strength of the ankle or chronic ankle sprains will continue. Strengthening the ankle is simple, it’s just that most people forget this step when their ankle is without pain and life can continue without this ankle pain.

Re-strengthening the ankle build’s the ankle’s surrounding balance allowing the ankle to not only support the body’s movements but also protect the body during any little misstep. If a misstep occurs and the ankle is weak, there is a greater chance that the ankle will roll or twist causing yet another sprain but if the ankle is strong and a misstep occurs, you can prevent an ankle sprain.

Before You Roll Your Ankle....Do This

Another important life strategy to prevent an ankle sprain is that when you do inevitably roll your ankle during a misstep, make sure to go with the direct of the roll. When someone rolls their ankle, their first instinct is to try to save the ankle and pull back against the roll to get back on even ground. This actually pulls the ligaments and tendons rather than quietly going with the roll, which doesn’t exert pressure on the ligaments and tendons and avoids a tear. Don’t be afraid that you will fall during a roll. Your ankle will roll and then you will catch yourself.

One of the best exercises for strengthening the ankle is with a BOSU Ball. A BOSU is one of those inflatable balls but has a flat side. The flat side lies on the ground and the person balances on one foot on the inflated side for about 60 seconds. It is difficult to balance oneself but this build tremendous ankle strength.

Rebuilding your ankle is simple and at Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will show you how to both heal your ankle and prevent future injury.

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