Howard Beach Physical Therapy For Elbow Injuries

Howard Beach Physical Therapy For Elbow Injuries
Howard Beach Physical Therapy For Elbow Injuries

Relieve Elbow Pain

Physical Therapy is an effective method to treat elbow pain and injuries. Under the guidance of a physical therapist, you will perform gentle exercises and stretches that rehabilitate your elbow. Depending on your injury, a customized treatment plan is created during your initial visit. Our physical therapists provide hands-on therapy during your healing process.

The goal is to heal any damaged tissue within or surrounding the elbow, rebuild elbow strength, and increase range of motion. In most cases, full recovery can be expected after an minor elbow injury. It is important to stay diligent and never give up during your recovery process.

One of the most common elbow injuries is elbow tendinitis, golfer’s elbow, and tennis elbow. Symptoms develop over time and pain can gradually worsen over the coming weeks or months. There are a number of strategies to speed up the recovery process of this type of elbow injury.

Resting is key during this injury. By giving your elbow time to rest, tissue damage can begin to heal and inflammation will decrease. Icing your elbow is also helpful to decrease pain and inflammation. Our Howard Beach physical therapists can recommend the amount of time you should rest as well as how often you should ice. Resting irritated muscles is the first step in treating an elbow injury like tendinitis.

It is vital to begin exercise under the guidance of a physical therapist to protect yourself from injuring your elbow further. A few examples of wrist exercises includes:

  • Wrist Extension - The wrist extensors are the group of muscles that are responsible for bending your wrist. Sit in a chair with your elbow on your knee and your wrist in front of your body. Use a two pound weight and allow your wrist to bend slightly forward. Then curl the weight backwards with your wrist until your wrist is straight. Repeat on each side 10 times.
  • First Clenching - Poor grip strength indicated a weak wrist and is a common symptom of someone with elbow tendinitis, tennis elbow, or golfer’s elbow. Fist clenching helps to improve forearm strength that will help you perform daily activity. Simply rest your wrist on a table with your palm facing toward the ceiling. Squeeze a towel in your hand and hold for 10 seconds. Then repeat 10 times. Switch afterwards and do your other arm.

Physical Therapy is a way for your to heal an elbow injury while also making your weak muscles stronger. Cross Bay Physical Therapy, located in Howard Beach, Queens, has helped patients for over 20 years become healthier and stronger.

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