Neck Pain Physical Therapy

Neck Pain Physical Therapy
Neck Pain Physical Therapy

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Neck pain severely limits a person’s ability to function every day and perform their normal tasks. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we use the power of physical therapy to alleviate this pain and strengthen the neck muscles to better handle the stresses of the everyday.

What Are The Causes of Neck Pain?

There are many different reasons one can experiencing neck pain. One, is consistent poor posture, putting the neck into an awkward position. Another is a sport’s injury or sleeping incorrectly. Other trauma’s like a car accident can cause whiplash of the neck.

Fortunately, neck pain can be helped with Physical Therapy.

What Should I Do About Neck Pain?

First, don’t panic. Sometimes, neck pain will get better after just a few days and you won’t need any treatment. In many cases, neck pain subsides after four to six weeks. If your pain continues after six weeks, it is time to see a doctor who will diagnose the cause of your neck pain and may prescribe physical therapy.

What Happens In Physical Therapy For Neck Pain?

The first thing that we do at Cross Bay Physical Therapy is provide an in depth evaluation to asses your neck. Then from this assessment, one of our trained physical therapists will construct a treatment plan for you that will help alleviate pain, correct the next injury, and fix the cause of the problem.

Here are some of the various strategies that we use to heal a neck injury:

  1. Range of Motion exercises. These exercises take out the stiffness of your neck and give it greater mobility without pain.
  2. Strengthening exercises. Strengthens the surrounding neck muscles to better support the neck.
  3. Posture. One of our physical therapists will examine your posture and determine if it is causing or worsening your neck injury. If so, guided exercises will help re-align your spine providing the best possible posture.
  4. Massage. Our physical therapists will massage your neck muscles to loosen them, which increases flexibility and mobility while decreasing the tightness that causes pain.
  5. Therapautic Modalities. This involves using various strategies such as ultrasound, heat, ice, and TENS to relax muscles and decrease inflammation.

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