Physical Therapy For A Hip Injury

Physical Therapy For A Hip Injury
Physical Therapy For A Hip Injury

Have you twisted your hip or have hip pain and don’t know why? Children, teens, and adults are prone to hip injuries through exercising and playing sports while senior citizens often receive a hip injury after a bad fall or twist.

People who carry a lot of weight are susceptible to a hip injury as well due to the constant pressure put on the hip joint. Not only does a hip injury comprise the hip’s mobility but also because it is central to the body’s movements, can cause immobility in other areas such as legs, groin, or spine.

Some of the most common hip injuries include:

  1. Bursitis
  2. Tendinitis
  3. Arthritis
  4. Labrum Tear
  5. Hip Fractures
  6. Iliopsoas impingement and Snapping Hip
  7. Back Issues
  8. A Hernia

All of the above injuries benefit from physical therapy. In fact, physical therapy is vital to it’s recovery because the hip needs to be worked out and re-aligned as it begins to heal and to attempt the “normal” movements of daily life.

Our howard beach physical therapists will examine you on the first day of your evaluation to provide a step by step plan to eliminate the pain you are experiencing and help strengthen your hip to not only prevent another injury but also foster complete stability.

A guided physical therapist helps you not do too much, which is possible when exercising on your own and as a result, re-injure your hip. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we try to make exercising fun.

Here are two exercises that help strengthen the hip and that you can do at home. As a note, ask your physical therapists first if you are ready for these exercises.

  1. Wall Sits
    1. Lean up against the wall and get into a sitting position (just without the chair). Hold for 10-20 seconds for 10 repetitions. This exercise strengthens your hips and legs to give your hip greater strength and stability.

2. Quadricep Squeeze

1. Lay down flat on the floor or on a table. Bend both knees and put your feet on the floor. Then, lay one leg completely on the floor and tighten the muscle above your knee (on the inside of your knee). Lift the leg slowly off of the ground and feel the muscle above the knee working out. Lift the leg, hold 3 seconds, then lower the leg. Repeat 10 times doing 3 sets.

It should not be understated how important Howard Beach Physical Therapy is to recover from a hip injury and reduce hip pain. Cross Bay Physical Therapy is located in Howard Beach, Queens.

Call 718-835-0084 and schedule your evaluation now! Our physical therapists are ready to help!

By Benjamin Bieber