Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain in Howard Beach, Queens

Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain in Howard Beach, Queens
Physical Therapy For Arthritis Pain in Howard Beach, Queens

Alleviate Arthritis Pain With Physical Therapy

Arthritis is an awful degenerative condition that affects millions of Americans each year. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our goal is to significantly improve immobility and pain of arthritic joints. We want to make sure your daily life is as pain free as possible and the activities that you love are still accessible to you.

Through a combination of strengthening, stretching, and therapeutic modalities such as ice, heat, massage, and electrical stimulation, we help our patients reduce the pain of their arthritis. In many cases, as the joint worsens, our patients use it less because of the pain. This causes a spiral into immobility and continued pain because by strengthening the joint’s weakness, it will only become weaker and more painful.

This is where we come in! Applying Physical Therapy to degenerating joints not only helps with pain but also slows down the degenerative process. Our trained physical therapists will come up with an individualized plan for you. Here are types of of exercises that are utilized to increase the mobility of a damaged joint:

  1. Neck and back exercises to build strength
    1. This may include various stretches that support arthritic joints and keep stress off of them.
  2. Low impact aerobic activities
    1. These activities help to keep the lungs and circulation systems in shape. Popular activities include walking, cycling, and water therapy.
  3. Range of motions exercises
    1. These types of exercises relieve stiffness and keep the areas loose maintaining normal joint motion.

It is important to note that one should only engage such various exercises after consulting with one of our physical therapists. It is possible that more than just the joint is damaged, such as the surrounding tendons of the area, and any overt intense exercise many only worsen these injuries.

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We look forward to helping you not only alleviate the pain of your arthritis but also helping you understand this condition better. This way you can know how to keep pain and disability at a minimum.

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By Benjamin Bieber