Physical Therapy For Elbow Injuries

Physical Therapy For Elbow Injuries
Physical Therapy For Elbow Injuries

Treatment For Elbow Pain and Injury

Chronic elbow pain and injury is often associated with tendinitis. If you feel pain while lifting or moving your elbow and it comes back for a few days, you likely have this elbow condition. It is easily treatable with the right physical therapy program.

The two most common elbow conditions are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow and you can figure out which one you have based not he cause and location of the pain. Tenderness on the outside of the elbow is often lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow while if you press on the inside of your elbow, tenderness here at the medial epicondyle is known as golfer’s elbow.

These injuries are strain injuries because of repetitive overuse, often stimulated by an sudden increase in intense activity. Surprisingly, they are caused by overuse of the wrist and not the elbow.

Once you have located the source of your elbow pain, you’ll want to identify the cause of your elbow pain. Is there one activity that you know could have contributed to this pain? Overuse of the wrist muscles has to do with prolonged gripping, lifting, or pinching. Many activities will spur on this type of overuse injury such as carrying heavy boxes, lifting too much weight at the gym, and playing tennis, golf or other sports. If you have a job that requires constant lifting, this may be the cause as well.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy

The next step is to start treatment at Cross Bay Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists provide hands-on physical therapy and guide you every step of the way during your recovery process. It is often difficult to heal on your own because an expert can provide you the advice and guidance to accelerate recovery without the risk of continuing to damage the weakened and damaged tendons.

A combination of stretching, strengthening, and therapeutic modalities like massage, tens stimulation, heat and ice, are of them mainstays of our physical therapy program. In general, there are four things that you can do right now in help your elbow pain and we will go over this during your first visit. These things are heat, stretching, a wrist immobilization brace, and a counterforce brace.

It is key to not let your elbow pain go untreated because doing the same things will only worsen the pain and pro-long the time of recovery you will need to heal. Our physical therapists have decades of experience and will help you relieve this painful condition quickly.

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