Physical Therapy For Kids

Physical Therapy For Kids

Children's Physical Therapy

With Memorial Day coming up, the start of consistent warm weather brings the joys of outside fun. From BBQ's, to hikes, to sporting events, make sure your child is prepared!

Children explore farthest reaches of their capabilities but unfortunately, development issues and accidents arise. This is why we have a special program, Physical Therapy For Kids, designed to help children and kids under the age of 15 not only recuperate from injury but also make their muscles stronger in the process.

Not many people know that weakness from an injury can last well after it heals. This weakness is the most common cause of re-injury because the muscles cannot support the body’s weight, balance, and constant movement.

Specilaizing In Orthopedic Injuries And Development Issues

Our Howard Beach physical therapists will create an individualized physical therapy treatment plan for your child so that they can fully recover without any long-term effects. For example, we don’t want a knee injury to effect the child’s future and his or her development and with intimate knowledge of the body, we increase the mobility and strength of the surrounding knee muscles to get the child back to 100%.

With proper strengthening and stretching, your child will be back to their normal activities and not have to suffer any disabling consequences. We even have after school hours at our office and you can schedule your appointments at this time or later.

At Howard Beach physical therapy, we promise parents the peace of mind that the injury will heal without long-term effects and have a high success rate delivering this promise. Children have different needs than adults and our trained physical therapists not only understand this but have the full skill-set to treat a wide range of issues children have. This is why our office has been in practice for over 30 years and is a staple of the Howard Beach neighborhood and it's surrounding areas.

We operate in many areas of Queens such as a Richmond Hill Physical Therapy office, a Woodhaven Physical Therapy office because our physical therapists have the reputation as some of the best in New York.

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To make sure your child recuperates properly, call 718-835-0084 and schedule their first evaluation now! Cross Bay Physical Therapy is located in Howard Beach, Queens.

For younger children, we offer children's physical therapy for developmental delays, orthopedic injuries, incoordination, range of motion, a decrease in mobility, gait deviations, and musculoskeletal pain. Call 718-835-0084 now and schedule an appointment!

By Benjamin Bieber