Physical Therapy For Posture-Related Pain

Physical Therapy For Posture-Related Pain
Physical Therapy For Posture-Related Pain

Changing Your Posture Changes Your Life

The summertime with it brings an incredible amount of opportunity for outdoor activity, which may mean occassional accidents but did you know that the leading causing back pain is poor posture or that an improper walking form leads to painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis?

Everyday, the shape and movements of our body affects us intimately . For example, more than ever, most of us are at some point in the day on the computer. Slumping over while typing instead of sitting up with your spine straight, overtime, can cause back pain and this slumping, whether it’s in a car or behind a desk, is one of the main causes of non-trauma related back pain.

Even when it comes to our feet, when walking with bad posture or bad form, it causes foot conditions such as hammertoes and chronic foot pain like if you step consistently with your toes vs. your heals first, you are likely to have chronic foot pain.

Physical Therapy's Role In Alleviating Daily Pain

Physical Therapy examines the area where you are experiencing pain and then intricately discovers how this pain can be eradicated through getting rid of the cause. One of the key components always seems to be applying better posture. As we age, your body's incur more moving pains but by having the correct posture and by training oneself to have the correct posture, daily pain will be significantly reduced.

Our Howard Beach physical therapists first look at the musculature of your body and your stance to determine if your posture is not only causing weak muscles and muscle imbalance but also if changing your posture will increase your body’s strength and ability to prevent injury. This is usually the case and better posture can certainly prevent injuries common to us as we age.

Make Posture Automatic!

In most case, small and consistent changes of posture drastically decrease the amount of pain you experience on a daily basis, especially back pain and prevent future injury. Yes, we teach you the right posture but we also make it a point to strengthen the muscles that make this posture automatic.

For example, let’s say you are hunching as a constant habit and often have back pain. We will show you exercises to strengthen both the lower back muscles and the abdomen to make it easier to hold the right posture and make it automatic. This way if your mind slips on your posture, your body won’t.

Changing your posture is a habit that must be excersiced until actualized and doing so takes practice. Coming into Physical Therapy enforces this habit and will change your life for the better that not helps you now but also into the future.

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By Benjamin Bieber