Physical Therapy For The Elbow in Howard Beach, Queens

Physical Therapy For The Elbow in Howard Beach, Queens

Peyton Manning Breaks the NFL All Time Record For TD Passes

Peyton Manning is now the NFL’s all time leader in touchdown passes surpassing Brett Favre. Manning threw the record breaking pass this past Sunday against the San Francisco 49er’s and has thrown for a total of 509 TD passes.

The throwing arm is vital to quarterbacks, well vital to all professional athletes of all positions. We need our elbow in tip top shape so that we can perform the activities we love. Sometimes though, our elbow does not want to cooperate.

We can overuse it causing elbow pain, tendonitis, or accidentally injuring it with a muscle tear. When this happens, Physical Therapy is a great way to help the elbow in its recovery.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Your Elbow

Everyone has had a minor elbow injury in their lifetime, whether it’s a small bruise or a more severe injury. Physical therapy is an exercise program that helps you to restore movement and strength to your elbow joint and to promote blood flow and healing. In physical therapy, you will work on the mobility and flexibility of the elbow to decrease pain and make sure the elbow does not become permanently disabled.

Elbow physical therapy has even been proven just as effective as surgery in many cases but without the risk of complication or invasiveness. Some elbow conditions that benefit from elbow therapy include elbow tendonitis, elbow pain, tennis elbow, golf elbow, and elbow arthritis.

Physical therapy is extremely important in the elbow’s recovery process as physical therapists guide your elbow to make sure that it works properly after the injury so that when the elbow does heal, it has the same functioning ability as before.

Elbow Injuries may occur during:

1. Sports or a recreational activity

2. Work-related tasks

3. Work or projects around the home

4. Falls

Cross Bay Physical Therapy in Howard Beach

Cross Bay Physical Therapy provides expert care to help you recover from any elbow injury you may have or reduce the pain of a chronic elbow condition. Many patients are surprised to find out how much better their elbow feels and how much more mobility they have after just a few weeks of physical therapy with one of our professionals. Call (718) 835-0084 today and schedule a consultation!

Cross Bay Physical Therapy is located in Howard Beach, Queens and serves many of the surrounding areas in Queens such as Woodhaven, Lindenwood, Ozone Park, and Richmond Hill. We’d be excited to hear from you and help you treat your elbow so that you can get back to your healthy self. Call (718) 835-0084 and schedule a consultation today!

By Adam Bieber