Physical Therapy Treatment For Elbow Pain and Injuries

Physical Therapy Treatment For Elbow Pain and Injuries
Physical Therapy Treatment For Elbow Pain and Injuries

Physical Therapy For The Elbow

Elbow pain is a huge disrupter in a person’s life and physical therapy, through a combination of stretching, exercise, and therapeutic modalities like massage, heat, ice, and ultrasound, is able to alleviate this pain while making the elbow stronger.

In some cases, physical therapy is proven just as effective as surgery to heal elbow pain. Usually, an elbow injury is an overuse injury. After intense activity, the elbow suffers tendinitis and this pain only grows if activity is sustained. Another common cause of elbow pain is arthritis of the elbow joint. Physical Therapy provides a way to decrease inflammation while simultaneously strengthening the elbow so that it can handle daily activity.

At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our physical therapists choose a specialized physical therapy program for your individual case, which is why we can guarantee expert care and a high chance that your elbow pain will disappear. Here is a few examples of elbow exercises that we implement at our practice in Howard Beach, Queens:

  1. Elbow Flexion and Extension - First, you hold a one pound weight in your hand with the palm of your hand facing upwards. Next, bend your elbow gently bringing your hand to your shoulder and then lower your elbow until it becomes straight. Repeat 10 times for each set and repeat for 2-3 sets depending upon the advice of your physical therapist present.
  2. Forearm Pronation and Supination - Holding a one pound weight in your hand, first bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle. Slowly rotate the weight until it faces both upwards and downwards. Repeat for 10 repetitions and 2-3 sets depending on the recommendation of the physical therapist present.

Make sure to receive guidance from your physical therapist before starting elbow exercises because depending on your condition, the wrong approach can lead to furthering the severity of the elbow injury.

Our state of the art facility and hands on physical therapy ensures that our patients have the best chance of success. We will be with you every step of the way so that you not only get better but also understand what you can do to prevent elbow pain in the future. We look forward to helping you overcome this injury.

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By Benjamin Bieber