Relieving Wrist and Hand Pain at Cross Bay Physical Therapy - Howard Beach

Relieving Wrist and Hand Pain at Cross Bay Physical Therapy - Howard Beach
Relieving Wrist and Hand Pain at Cross Bay Physical Therapy - Howard Beach

Last week, a show called “Eaten Alive” aired on the Discovery Channel for the first time. A man was tracking a large anaconda and was attempting to get eaten alive by it. Sounds smart, right? The special was two hours long and at the very end, after they find the anaconda, the man attempts to get eaten, and before it occurs, asks his team to get him out of the situation before the anaconda breaks his arm.

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An arm or wrist injury can drastically disable you from doing normal activities. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we apply strategies to help relieve wrist pain and hand pain. Call (718) 835-0084 and you can schedule a consultation today!

Injuries such as hand arthritis and wrist arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and hand and wrist tendinitis can all greatly helped with exercises and stretching done in physical therapy. Here are two great examples that you can do at home if your wrist is bothering you. These exercises improve hand and wrist mobility and reduce pain.

1. Wrist extension and flexion

Place your hand on a table face-down on top of a towel. Move your hand upward until you feel a gentle stretch. Then bring the hand back to it’s normal position. Do one set of 10 repetitions. Hold each stretch for 5-10 seconds. Once you are done with this, do the same with your palm facing upwards (try to put your elbow as close to your side as possible).

2. Wrist supination/pronation

Stand or sit with your arm at your side, your elbow at a 90 degree angle, and your palm facing down. Rotate your forearm so that your palm faces upwards and then downwards. Do one set with 10 repetitions. Again, hold a gentle stretch on each repetition for 5-10 seconds.

If you still have pain in your wrist or hand after applying ice and doing these simple exercises call our appointment specialists, Dawn, Esther or John at Cross Bay Physical Therapy at (718) 835-0084!!!

Cross Bay Physical Therapy specializes in treating wrist injuries and wrist pain.

We are located in Howard Beach, Queens. We welcome patients from all areas in Queens and Brooklyn such as Woodhaven, Lindenwood, Richmond Hill and Ozone Park.

By Benjamin Bieber