Why Physical Therapy Is Needed After An Ankle Sprain

Why Physical Therapy Is Needed After An Ankle Sprain

Physical Therapy For Your Ankle

In life, while constantly walking about on sometimes unsure terrain, a misstep may occur causing the ankle to roll and twist. While many people know the importance of rest, ice, and an ankle brace, it is less known why physical therapy is hugely beneficial, even crucial to the recovery of an ankle sprain.

In physical therapy, we begin the process of re-strengthening the muscles that have weakened due to your injury. As the ankle swells and brusies, there is also partially torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons below the surface of the skin. They can manage to heal through rest but they are still fragile due to inactivity and damage.

How Physical Therapy Protects Against Future Ankle Sprains

The foot guides each step that we take. The ankle must support the weight of our entire body while we move and if we happen to loose our balance, the ankle must catch us or we are at risk of falling and terribly injuring ourself. The ankle cannot support our body weight and maintain our balance with weak ankle muscles. One is much more likely to re-roll and re-twist their ankle while walking because the ankle doesn't have the ability to catch the body as well.

This is where Howard Beach Physical Therapy comes in. Our Howard Beach physical therapists create a step by step plan to re-strengthen all the muscles in and around your ankle as well as other muscles that help you walk. Strengthening these muscles ensures that your feet can catch you on every step and doing so, infinitely decreases the risk that you are going to re-injure your ankle.

If you have heard of anyone that has a problem with continuall ankle sprains, it is most likely due to the fact that when their ankle sprains heal, they don't go to physical therapy and strengthen the weak muscles. Their recently weakened ankles are left to carry the same weight and balance that their previously strong ankles did and this just leads to imbalance and further twists.

Now that you know the importance of a sound ankle sprain physical therapy regimen. Here are a few exercises that strengthen the ankles and the surrounding muscles.

  1. Exercises:
    1. Bosu Ball Balance
      1. The Bosu ball is an inflatable ball with a flat surface. By balancing on the inflatable side, the ankle is put to work and the muscles gain back their strength. We will put you on this ball for 30 seconds at a time to re-strengthen the ankle.
    2. Calf Raises
      1. Strengthening and stretching the muscles surrounding the ankle will give extra support to the ankle. Please only try these exercises at home after a physical therapist has given you the Ok to do so and feels your ready too.

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Not entering physical therapy could mean chronic ankle sprains because your ankle muscles stay weak. Call 718-835-0084 and schedule your evaluation!

By Benjamin Bieber