Wrist Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens

Wrist Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens
Wrist Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens

Physical Therapy Treatment For Wrist Pain and Injury

For whatever reason, sometimes the wrist develops disabling pain and using the wrist only makes this pain worse without giving it the chance to heal. The most common injuries of the wrist include tendinitis, a sprain, and arthritis. Using physical therapy, it is possible to strengthen the wrist and alleviate wrist pain.

In the case of chronic tendinitis or a sprain, physical therapy first focuses on healing the injury and then moves on to strengthening the wrist in order to prevent any future injury from occurring. In the case of arthritis, physical therapy helps decrease swelling that leads to the pain of arthritis as well as strengthens the wrist to make it many times more functional in everyday life.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy has helped patients recover from injury in New York for over 30 years because our Howard Beach physical therapists are dedicated to patient satisfaction and understanding the specifics of each individual case.

Physical Therapy Is Essential

During your first evaluation, one of our expert physical therapists will examine your wrist and provide a full evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for you. From here, you will work closely with one of our physical therapists to accomplish the goal of healing the wrist and preventing future pain and injury.

There are many exercises that we implement in our office to increase wrist and forearm strength and flexibility. Here a few examples that will help your wrist regain mobility and decrease pain but always before applying on your own, seek consul for one of our physical therapists:

  1. Straight and Reverse Wrist Curls - Holding a light weight in your hand and the palm facing upwards, the patient lifts the weight toward the ceiling feeling the wrist muscles working. Do 3 sets of 20. The patient then turns the wrist over so that the palm is facing the floor and lifts the hand backwards toward the ceiling feeling the wrist muscles working. Again, do 3 sets of 20.
  2. Wrist Flexion and Extension - These stretches improve the flexibility and mobility of the injured wrist muscles. Rest your arm on a table with the wrist off the table. Have your palm facing the floor. First bend your wrist upwards and hold for 5 seconds until you feel a stretch. Return the wrist to starting position and bend it downwards for 5 seconds until you feel a stretch. Repeat 10 times.

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Cross Bay Physical Therapy is located in Howard Beach, Queens and helps patients heal from wrist injuries. Physical therapy is one of the most important treatment methods to heal wrist pain.

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By Benjamin Bieber