Ankle Treatment With Physical Therapy in Howard Beach, Queens

Ankle Treatment With Physical Therapy in Howard Beach, Queens
Ankle Treatment With Physical Therapy in Howard Beach, Queens

Ankle Physical Therapy

Interestingly, an ankle sprain can be one of the longest injuries to recover from. The reason for this is not because the extent of the damage but because the ankle holds up the entire body and can re-injure itself easily.

After an ankle sprain, the ankle is weak. It’s surrounding muscles cannot carry your full weight and keep your balance especially during a slight misstep. With any slight misstep, there is risk to re-roll or re-twist the ankle.

In summary, the ankle is weak and therefore, without physical therapy, there is a high chance that you will re-roll or re-twist your ankle pro-longing the injury and which can happen indefinitely. The solution to this problem is simple but crucial to your recovery, which is physical therapy.

A Personalized Physical Therapy Program at Cross Bay Physical Therapy

Our Howard Beach physical therapists create an individualized treatment program for you during your evaluation that will plan out your exact recovery program to not only heal your ankle’s injury but also re-strengthen the ankle making it very difficult to re-injure your ankle.

If you are at home, make sure that you wear an ankle brace until your ankle is recovered. An ankle brace restricts the movement of the ankle making it hard to roll the ankle. Also, ice your ankle 3 times each day until the inflammation is gone. This goes a long way toward allowing your ankle to heal naturally.

Here is a few exercises that guarantee that your ankle gets stronger and prevents injury - Please first check with one of our physical therapists before trying on your own.

Bosu Ball Training - Balancing on a bosu ball is extremely important. It makes your ankle stronger under the pressure of balancing yourself. It is perhaps the best strengthening exercise that you can do for your ankle.

Calf Raises - Calf Raises add extra support for the ankle. They strengthen the calf right above the ankle helping the ankle more efficiently support the body’s weight.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy is located in Howard Beach, Queens and has helped New York City residents for over 30 years. Our physical therapists focus on patients satisfaction and understand what needs to happen not only for your ankle to heal but also for your ankle not to suffer another injury.

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By Benjamin Bieber