Cross Bay Physical Therapy After An Injury

Cross Bay Physical Therapy After An Injury
Cross Bay Physical Therapy After An Injury

Physical Therapy

Life can be more unpredictable then we can ever imagine as we go about our daily lives. Unfortunately, for many of us, sometimes we’re struck by an abrupt and unforeseen accident that turns our world upside down and inhibits an optimal quality of life. Or in other instances, it may not be an accident that suppresses an optimal quality of life, but a set circumstances beyond our control.

However, regardless of any particular instance that has changed a patient’s life circumstances, and has not allowed them to physically be at their best, physical therapy provides a distinct remedy. When many of us think of conventional medicine we tend to think of some kind of pill, antibiotic, or other form of medicine that can practically instantly heal us or at the very least make us feel better by the following day. In contrast, physical therapy provides a solution that requires: dedication, effort, time, and the willingness to learn from the physical therapist as you would from a mentor.

Learning Your Body And How To Heal Injury

A patient can be taught the intricacies of the human body as it relates to their particular injury or disease and how best to come back from it much stronger than they had ever even anticipated. Working as a physical therapy aide has allowed me to see firsthand how beneficial and effective physical therapy treatment can be on patients. For example, there was a young patient who had come in for treatment on a torn ACL they had gotten from playing a high contact sport. Initially, the patient had very limited range of motion and needed crutches to get around. However, the patient was diligent with the prescribed exercises, both during his visits and when they were at home. Within weeks the patient’s limited range of motion had dissipated, and much to their joy they were able to acquire a certain level of independence they had lost once again. The improvement wasn’t overnight of course but I think the combination of gradual improvement through hard work, therapy, and the sense of purpose given from exercises all collaborate to create a sense of deep appreciation for life.

Furthermore, one of the very unique aspects of Cross Bay Physical Therapy is the special rapport that is created between the therapist and patient that you seldom see anywhere else in healthcare. Having shadowed clinicians prior it was clear how acute the care was for patients from that perspective in comparison to how much time a physical therapist spends with each of their patients.

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