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  • Movement And Mood

    Movement And Mood

    It is scientifically proven that exercise can improve depression and generally make people happier. After an injury, it is difficult to be on the move. It is difficult to exercise and often, we end up coach-ridden for weeks at a time. This lack of movement can lead to a poor mood and even depression in some people. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are regularly moving your body and exercising even while injured.

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  • Cross Bay Physical Therapy After An Injury

    Cross Bay Physical Therapy After An Injury

    Life can be more unpredictable then we can ever imagine as we go about our daily lives. Unfortunately, for many of us, sometimes we’re struck by an abrupt and unforeseen accident that turns our world upside down and inhibits an optimal quality of life. Or in other instances, it may not be an accident that suppresses an optimal quality of life, but a set circumstances beyond our control.

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  • How To Shovel Snow Without Straining Your Back

    How To Shovel Snow Without Straining Your Back

    Every winter, we will all inevitably face at least one snowstorm and this includes shoveling snow. By shoveling snow, not only can we walk easily on our driveways but also prevent dangerous ice from forming beneath. Shoveling is an activity that we sometimes rush through but it is also, wrongly done, can be a constant motion of bending one’s back.

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