Cross Bay Physical Therapy Improves Hip Pain

Cross Bay Physical Therapy Improves Hip Pain
Cross Bay Physical Therapy Improves Hip Pain

Recover From Hip Pain With Physical Therapy

Hip pain is often a result of muscle tightness and weakness. There may be tigthness or pain, whether it occurs in the hip or not, which causes the hip to overcompensate while walking. Sometimes, it is a hip injury that is causing pain and other times, it can simply be tight muscles, where the hip overcompensates for muscle weakness. To figure out exactly why you are experiencing hip pain, our Howard Beach physical therapists examine you at your first appointment during your evaluation.

From this evaluation, we figure the cause of your hip pain and then, create a specialized physical therapy program to end this hip pain and simultaneously strengthen any weak muscles that are contributing to hip pain. Some common hip conditions include joint arthritis, bursitis, a labrum tear, or tendinitis and all will benefit from Cross Bay Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy is simple a combination of stretching, strengthening, and therapeutic modalities like massage, icing, and tens stimulation to align your muscles, loosen your muscles, and strengthen your muscles. In our state of the art facility in Howard Beach, Queens, we can virtually guarantee that we can improve your current hip pain and if you have an injury, Physical Therapy is perhaps the most effective way to rehabilitate this injury.

Here are some examples of hip exercises that improve strength and flexibility:

  1. Heel Slide - This exercise is performed while lying on your back. With a bent knee, gently slide your heel towards your body in one slow but continuous movement. Repeat this exercise the recommended number of times.
  2. Ball Squeeze - Lying on your back, you will be given a large inflated ball to place between your knees. Then, squeeze the ball with both knees and hold for five seconds. This exercise strengthens your thighs.
  3. Hip Flexion Exercise - Lying on your side, lift the leg closest to the ceiling around one foot off of the ground while squeezing your hip muscles. Repeat the recommended number of times and switch legs.

Remember to only perform these exercises in front of your physical therapist and after a demonstration done by one of our Cross Bay physical therapists. Physical Therapy is one of the most effective ways to remove hip pain because hip pain is usually caused by a weakness of the muscles. By strengthening certain muscles, the walking motions gets back into alignment taking the added pressure off of the hip and allowing it to heal. The recovery of specific injuries to the hip joint like a labrum tear are also improved by Physical Therapy.

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By Benjamin Bieber