Hip Pain

  • Cross Bay Physical Therapy Improves Hip Pain

    Cross Bay Physical Therapy Improves Hip Pain

    Hip pain is often a result of muscle tightness and weakness. There may be tigthness or pain, whether it occurs in the hip or not, which causes the hip to overcompensate while walking. Sometimes, it is a hip injury that is causing pain and other times, it can simply be tight muscles, where the hip overcompensates for muscle weakness.

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  • Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Hip Pain

    Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Hip Pain

    Physical Therapy improves and treats a wide range of hip disabilities. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our Howard Beach physical therapists focus on creating an individualized treatment plan that will not only alleviate much of your hip pain but also make the hip stronger and able to endure more rigorous activities.

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  • Physical Therapy For Your Hip in Howard Beach, Queens

    The hip joint is the largest joint in the body and responsible for bearing much of the body’s weight during movement. A painful hip condition can drastically decrease one’s ability to properly function throughout the day and cause extreme uncomfortableness.

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  • Physical Therapy For The Hip In Howard Beach, Queens

    Physical Therapy for hip pain can be extremely beneficial. Research has indicated that Physical Therapy can sometimes be just as effective as surgery for hip-related medical conditions. This is why it is crucial to try physical therapy for several months before making the decision to have surgery, since surgery is expensive with possibly risky complications.

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  • Relieving Hip Pain From Arthritis

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