How To Overcome Weak Ankles

How To Overcome Weak Ankles
How To Overcome Weak Ankles

Why You Still Have Weak Ankles

Physical Therapy is essential after an ankle sprain. People who fail to rehabilitate their ankles end up with weak ankles and chronic ankle sprains. The reason is that they lack the knowledge of even knowing how important re-strengthening their ankles are after an injury and here’s why.

After a sprain, the ligaments and tendons around the ankle joint are damaged. The tissue is able to repair in 4 to 6 weeks but this new tissue isn’t strong like the previous tissue before it was damaged. This new tissue cannot support all the micro-movements of the body. Any little misstep can cause the ankle to roll again. The ankle doesn’t have appropriate training to maintain the balance of the body under duress.

Re-Strengthening Your Ankles After A Sprain Is Essential To Full Recovery

So, when a person sprains their ankle and fails to re-strengthen the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments, they now have weak ankles that can sprain after any little misstep. This is why some people seem to sprain their ankle over and over gain. They have weak ankles but the solution is really, really simple: strengthen your ankles! This is what we do at Cross Bay Physical Therapy and why physical therapy is important to the recovery of an ankle sprain.

Here are a few examples of ankle exercises that re-strengthen the ankle:

  • Balance on a Bosu Ball - A Bosu ball is an inflatable ball with a flat surface. On the side that is inflated, balance on one foot for 60 seconds. Change feet and repeat 2-3 times. This balancing act builds up the strength of your ankle muscles and prepares your ankle for the pressures of daily movement.
  • Calf Raises - Your calves support your feet and also, tight calves make it harder for your ankle sprain to heal. Calf raises build up your calf muscles and help support your weak ankle while it recovers. Calf stretching is important as well to keep your calves loose so your ankle recovery is not inhibited.

I cannot recommend Physical Therapy after an ankle sprain highly enough. You don’t want to spend six weeks healing only to roll or twist your ankle again because you failed to rehabilitate your ankle and spend another six weeks recovering. Just remember that healing from an ankle sprain is equal parts recovery and rehabilitation.

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