Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Knee Injury

Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Knee Injury
Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Knee Injury

Repair Your Knee With Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is essential after a knee injury. It will help your rebuild muscle strength and guide the knee's recovery during the healing process. Our physical therapists at Cross Bay Physical Therapy create an individualized physical therapy program for you that will help you relieve pain and overcome any disability.

It is important to both heal and rehabilitate a knee injury. Just healing will leave your susceptible to further injury and disability as it will remain weak and unable to handle the daily stress of movement.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy applies a program that combines strengthening exercises, stretching, and hands-on therapy. Strengthening the muscles around the knee will support your knee joint and help it absorb shock. Stretching the muscles that get strengthened during physical therapy will restore range of motion and prevent further injury.

The weakness of the knee forces other muscles to overcompensate for this weakness and it is important to strengthen muscles that seem unrelated to the knee. For example, strengthening your core helps to keep your back it a neutral psition, which places the knees is great position for movement without any joint compression.

Hands-On Physical Therapy

Cross Bay Physical Therapy specializes in hands-on physical therapy. During each session, you will likely receive icing or heat, an ultrasound massage, and electrical nerve stimulation. All serve to invigorate the muscles surrounding the knee and help to stimulate an accelerated healing response in the knee joint.

It is possible to avoid knee surgery with our Howard Beach Physical Therapy. Sometimes, physical therapy is all you need for treatment.

During your first visit, one of our physical therapists will provide a full evaluation to see how your knee bends, straightens, and moves. This will help us create a custom physical therapy program for you that will get you better.

Various exercises to help strengthen the knee and it’s surrounding muscles include hamstring curls, single leg dips, step-ups, straight leg lifts, wall squats, and balancing exercises. It is important to follow the guidance of your physical therapist in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Immediately tell your physical therapist if you are experiencing any pain. A little discomfort is normal but too much pain can signify that you are pushing your muscles to hard.

After a few weeks, you will likely see significant improvement in terms of pain relief and renewed strength. We pride ourselves on helping our patients get better and have successfully done so for over twenty years.

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