Knee Injury

  • Queen's Knee Physical Therapy

    Queen's Knee Physical Therapy

    You may be having knee pain or just had surgery. Your knee is probably stiff and immobile. You may feel like the last thing that you want to do is move around and get on your feet but Physical Therapy will likely help you get your strength back.

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  • Physical Therapy Exercises For Knee Pain

    Physical Therapy Exercises For Knee Pain

    Knee pain and injury occurs as the knee bears much of the weight while walking. The knee joint can easily become overworked or incur a slight strain or sprain during an awkward movement. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our trained physical therapists find out the cause of your knee pain and how to solve this problem through natural conservative Physical Therapy.

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  • Treating Arthritis in Your Knee and Getting Rid of Knee Pain

    Arthritis is a common issue as the body continues to age. This is why many people choose to use physical therapy as a guided physical therapy can set you up with a treatment plan that keeps the body loose and reduce pain.

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  • Olympic Sochi Knee Injuries

    Olympic level athletes train, sacrifice and push for years to reach elite status. Even with athletic trainers, coaches and years of experience, injuries can still happen. An Olympic-level competitor can turn into a spectator with just one wrong move.

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  • Superbowl XLVIII Dreams Crushed By Nightmare Knee Injury

    The San Francisco 49ers’ NaVarro Bowman recently suffered a knee injury that may have cost his team an opportunity to play in the Superbowl XLVIII. Shortly after completing a red zone catch, Bowman’s teammate hit Seahawks’ receiver Jermaine Kearse knocking Kearse into Bowman. Bowman’s knee bent inward and he fell to the ground. Preliminary reports say that Bowman tore his left anterior collateral ligament (ACL) and left medial collateral ligaments (MCL).

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