Movement And Mood

Movement And Mood
Movement And Mood

Using Physical Therapy To Improve Mood During Injury

It is scientifically proven that exercise can improve depression and generally make people happier. After an injury, it is difficult to be on the move. It is difficult to exercise and often, we end up coach-ridden for weeks at a time. This lack of movement can lead to a poor mood and even depression in some people. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are regularly moving your body and exercising even while injured.

Doing what you can safely when injured can make a huge difference in recovery. This is one reason why Physical Therapy is so crucial after an injury. It get’s you moving safely. It works your muscles to release endorphins that improve well-being. Stretching and exercise not only help your injury heal faster, they improve your mood while your going through this period of injury.

Exercise With Minimal Risk

Physical Therapy allows you to exercise with minimal risk of injury. Our physical therapists create a customized plan for you on your first day of physical therapy to guide your injury during it’s recovery.

Doing so, we can plan that path of recovery that your injury takes and importantly, make this area stronger while it heals. In many cases, an injury may heal on it’s own but is left weakened. This weakness makes someone prone to further injury in the future and provides them an overall weakness during their normal activities. Physical Therapy makes you stronger as you get better so that you are at less risk of injury when you do heal.

You should consult a doctor on which type of exercise is safe for you during your injury. Are you allowed to swim? Do yoga? Exercise without supervision? One of the main benefits of physical therapy is exercise with supervision, which makes sure you remain safe and free of injury while your injury is healing.

It is very common to injure oneself in a home exercise program but under the guidance of a professional physical therapist, this is less likely. A physical therapist can also give you overall insight into how your recovery will take place so that you can take comfort knowing that you are closer to the finish line than you anticipated. You can take comfort in knowing your are healing even if it seems like everyday is a bit tough. You can have someone to talk to about your injury so that you can have your questions answered and fears dispelled.

The physical therapists at Cross Bay Physical Therapy are here to serve you, make you feel safe, and make you feel comfortable during your healing process. We look forward to aiding you in your journey toward a healthy body.

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