• Olympic Sochi Knee Injuries

    Olympic level athletes train, sacrifice and push for years to reach elite status. Even with athletic trainers, coaches and years of experience, injuries can still happen. An Olympic-level competitor can turn into a spectator with just one wrong move.

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  • Balance Lecture in Ozone Park

    Doctor of Physical Therapy Jeff Sadaya of Cross Bay Physical Therapy in Howard Beach, NY will be educating the local Ozone Park senior community on balance and fall prevention. This interactive lecture followed by Q & A for the therapist will take place at the Catholic Charities Ozone Park Senior Citizen Center tomorrow, Thursday December 19th starting at 10:30am.

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  • Do I need Physical Therapy?

    How do you know when your injury is serious and requires a visit to a physical therapist? When faced with the onset of any ache or pain, most people take a few days off from the rigorous activity that brought on the injury. Patients are advised to think of the RICE formula that stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation to speed up healing.

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  • Cross Bay Physical Therapy Teams Up With Local Senior Centers

    Cross Bay Physical Therapy Teams Up With Local Senior Centers

    Doctor of Physical Therapy Jeff Sadaya and the team at Cross Bay Physical Therapy are excited to have the opportunity to educate our local senior community. The ability to stand and walk upright on two legs requires a great amount of balance. Older people typically experience loss of balance and are at a greater risk for falling.

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  • One Office Fundraises For Two Great Causes

    Cross Bay Physical Therapy, has partnered with Toys for Tots, a national charitable organization that collects toys to give to needy children. They will serve as an official Toys For Tots collection center. Residents of Howard Beach, NY and surrounding areas are invited to donate toys any time between November 14th and December the 12th. The Marine Corps will be coming by December 13th to pick up the donated toys for local distribution.

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