Physical Therapy For A Knee Injury

Physical Therapy For A Knee Injury
Physical Therapy For A Knee Injury

Recover From Injury With Physical Therapy

After a knee injury, it is essential to see a doctor to discover the nature of your injury. In most cases, a physical therapy program is part of the recovery process. Physical Therapy is a proven treatment to rehabilitate the knee and guide the healing process. Some of the most common knee injuries include ligament and cartilage tears as well as knee osteoarthritis. All of these medical conditions can benefit from Physical Therapy.

The first step after a knee injury is to follow RICE: rest, ice compression, and elevation. This will decrease inflammation and begin the healing process without adding further injury. Compression means wearing a compression bandage or knee brace that will restrict the movement of the knee helping it to avoid further injury.

At the same time, don’t rest to much. As the knee begins to heal, the tissue repairs but the knee remains weak. A physical therapy program rebuilds and restrengthens your knee so that you can eventually handle and thrive in day to day activity. You should be extra careful while your knee is healing. Don’t risk a fall or engage in risky behavior that may lead to a fall or further injury. This may mean avoiding intense athletic activity for a time. Other ways to make sure you don’t fall is to take extra precaution around the house such as making sure your house is well-lit when you walk around. Another key is to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and supports. The goal is to decrease pressure on your knees and this includes wearing the right shoes for your foot type.

Custom Physical Therapy Program

At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our Howard Beach physical therapists create a custom program based around your lifestyle to help you quickly recover and relieve knee pain. Through a combination of stretching, exercising, ultrasound massage, and electrical nerve stimulation, we build up the knee and it’s surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The increased strength and well-being of the knee will allow you to perform the normal and athletic activities.

Sometimes, all you nee for treatment is physical therapy and your doctor will recommend what form of treatment is best for you. We look forward to helping you recover in the fastest amount of time possible.

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