Physical Therapy Knee

  • Physical Therapy For A Knee Injury

    Physical Therapy For A Knee Injury

    After a knee injury, it is essential to see a doctor to discover the nature of your injury. In most cases, a physical therapy program is part of the recovery process. Physical Therapy is a proven treatment to rehabilitate the knee and guide the healing process. Some of the most common knee injuries include ligament and cartilage tears as well as knee osteoarthritis.

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  • Physical Therapy Exercises For Your Knee

    Physical Therapy Exercises For Your Knee

    Knee injuries and arthritis are pain and the knee cannot fully repair on it’s own. While letting your knee heal naturally from a traumatic injury, it is possible to develop life-long symptoms. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we guide your knee’s recovery to both avoid and minimize these symptoms.

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  • Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain

    Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain

    Athletes like Roger Federer and Michelle Kwan have all had their fair share of injuries and one of these injuries is IT Band syndrome. This problem usually starts because of an injury and then is prone to tightness. Such tightness leads to hip and knee pain and even worse, can make it easier to injure the knee or hip because of a person’s lack of mobility. The way to overcome this problem is to know and utilize the exercises that lead to it’s completely recovery and one of the best proven methods for this is Physical Therapy.

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  • Physical Therapy - Queens

    Physical Therapy - Queens

    Knee problems are an affliction that most people deal with at least once in their lifetime. When it does happen, it is important to seek out treatment that not only heals your knee but also makes sure that the knee both gets back to it’s original state of health and becomes stronger as to avoid further injury.

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