Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome

Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome
Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome

Relieving IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome is extremely irritating and occurs as the IT Band, a string like band that runs from your hip down to your knee, tightens causing trigger points to form on the hip. A trigger point is a painful knot that can shoot pain down a person’s leg making normal activities like sitting and walking painful. Many people with IT Band syndrome are simply prone trigger points but the way to avoid IT Band tightness and trigger points is by developing both flexible and strong muscles in particular areas of the body.

There are a range of problematic areas that can cause the IT Band to tighten and the hip to develop trigger points. This includes weak back muscles, weak core muscles, weak quadriceps, weak knees, and foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Even foot types such as flat feet or high-arched feet can cause muscle tightness that leads to a tight IT Band and trigger points. Poor posture that leads to weak and tight muscles can lead to a tight IT Band as well.

How To Fix IT Band Syndrome With Physical Therapy

The question then is how to fix this problem. Physical Therapy is extremely effective at helping you eliminate trigger points and relieve IT Band tightness because our physical therapists will help you strengthen key muscles that support the IT Band. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we will create an exercise and stretching plan for your during your sessions and that help your muscles regain strength and flexibility and by doing so, your IT Band will loosen and trigger points will vanish.

Again, this may include exercises and stretching that targets back muscles, leg muscles, the abdomen, and even foot muscles. You will find that by keeping these muscle strong and loose, IT Band problems will disappear.

The first thing to notice right now is where are you having problems besides your IT Band. Is your back sore? Do you have foot pain? Do you have knee pain? These types of questions will allow you to identify what muscles in your body may not only be weak but also contributing to a tight IT band and trigger points that cause pain to shoot down your leg.

It is extremely difficult to solve this problem on your own, which is why we recommend allowing a physical therapist at Cross Bay Physical Therapy work with you until you fully understand the cause of your IT Band syndrome and how to fix it.

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