Physical Therapy For Knee Issues

Physical Therapy For Knee Issues
Physical Therapy For Knee Issues

Solve Knee Pain With Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is beneficial for many reasons and in some cases, has been proven to be just as effective as surgery. Through a combination of stretching, strengthening, and therapeutic modalities, it is possible alleviate pain, heal injury, and remove disability.

The knee is one of those areas that often deals with pain because the body depends on it for most of it’s movements. Whether you are suffering from osteoarthritis or a knee injury, physical therapy, in most cases, will help you recover greatly from knee pain.

Knee physical therapy focuses on both strengthening the knee as well as the surrounding areas, which will greater support the knee and it’s attempt to balance the weight of the body.

Here are a few examples of exercises that we implement in our office:

  1. Leg Raises - Lying on a table or floor mat, bend both knees with the feet planted on the floor. Then, lie one leg flat and tighten the muscle just above the knee. Lift the straight leg about two feet off the ground while tightening the muscle above the knee. Hold the leg for three seconds while in the air and bring the leg back down to just above the floor. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.
  2. Thigh Squeezes - This exercise is great for strengthening the groin and the muscles on the inside of your legs. Lie on a table or floor mat with both feet planted on the floor. Place an inflatable ball between the knees and squeeze the ball with both knees until your feel your muscles working. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.
  3. Leg Slides - Lie on your back with your knee cap pointed upward. Slide your leg outwards and then back to the starting position. This exercises activates the abductors as well as the gluteus medium muscles that are crucial for pelvic stability during walking.

Physical Therapy is a surefire way to recover from a knee injury and at the same time, strengthen the knee muscles so that weak muscles cannot cause further pain or another injury. Our goal as physical therapists is to get you back to your daily activities without pain and the chance of recurring injury.

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By Benjamin Bieber