Physical Therapy For Trochanteric Bursitis

Physical Therapy For Trochanteric Bursitis

Trochanteric Bursitis, or hip bursitis, is a painful condition whereby there is an irritation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that sits on the outside of the hip bone. Because of it’s positioning, trochanteric bursitis can greatly affect walking and greatly reduce the ability to perform normal daily activity.

One way to treat hip bursitis is rest, ice, and physical therapy. Rest and ice prevent further irritation to the hip allowing the condition to begin to heal while physical therapy both improves mobility, strength, and flexibility of the hip in order to eliminate the hip bursitis.

Hip pain is common with bursitis. Symptoms include:

1. Tenderness

2. Pain while lying on the side

3. Pain in the hip that may first feel sharp, then change to a dull ache. Pain may radiate into the side of the leg.

4. Stiffness and tightness of the hip

Physical therapy for Trochanteric Bursitis is an important part of recovery for this hip condition. A physical therapist at Cross Bay Physical Therapy will first construct an individualized treatment plan for you after an initial evaluation and work on several areas to help eliminate the hip condition. First:

Range Of Motion:

In physical therapy for bursitis, a physical therapist provides self stretching techniques that applies to your hip, lower back, and knee. Thes areas may be moving improperly causing the hip to have bursitis.

Muscular Strength:

There may be muscular weakness in or around the hip area that is putting extra pressure on the trochanter. A strengthening program will likely include strengthening the lower back, the legs, and the core to grant you greater balance and strength. This takes pressure off of the hip allowing it to heal and not have to take on extra responsibility of the body's movements.


Using ice, massage, and electrical stimulation can help for pain-relief. A period of decreased activities may be recommended by your physical therapist.

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By Benjamin Bieber