• Physical Therapy For Back Pain Problems

    Physical Therapy For Back Pain Problems

    In celebration of Martin Luther King Day I would like to talk about how to alleviate back pain. There are several different causes of back pain such as injury, muscle strain, or overuse. Sometimes you know exactly why you are experiencing back pain and in other cases, it surprises you. One thing is certain: physical therapy has tremendous benefits for alleviating back pain.

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  • How and Why Physical Therapy Will Benefit Your Arthritis Pain

    How and Why Physical Therapy Will Benefit Your Arthritis Pain

    Google today announced a new and very useful addition to Gmail. You can now edit Microsoft office attachments right from gmail! Gone are the days when you send an e-mail attachment twice because you made a spelling mistake hooray!

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  • Get More Out Of Your Physical Therapy at Cross Bay PT

    In physical therapy, sometimes pain gets in the way of you getting better. With arthritis and with injury, it is pain that prevents you from exercising or stretching a little bit harder to get that extra bit of strength and flexibility. When one is doing their session, they can only do as much as their pain allows.

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  • 6 Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain

    Arthritis is a serious matter. This degenerative disease is not only painful but can prevent one from engaging in daily necessary activity. Although there is no cure for arthritis, there are ways that you can both ease the pain of arthritis and stop it from worsening.

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  • Cross Bay Physical Therapy For An Ankle Sprain

    An ankle sprain can be an extremely painful injury. Ankle Sprain’s occur with a twist or roll of the ankle that damages ligaments, tendons, and muscle tissue. After the ankle sprain, you will most likely see swelling and a bad bruise is normal.

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