Physical Therapy For Your Hip in Howard Beach, Queens

Physical Therapy For Your Hip in Howard Beach, Queens

The hip joint is the largest joint in the body and responsible for bearing much of the body’s weight during movement. A painful hip condition can drastically decrease one’s ability to properly function throughout the day and cause extreme uncomfortableness.

At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we work with our patients to not only eliminate their pain making it easier to walk, run, and sleep without the discomfort but also work toward reversing the progress of the medical condition. Physical Therapy for the hip can greatly prevent the chance one may end up needing surgery. Physical therapy for hip arthritis works extremely well also.

Before I continue, I’d first like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and to do your best to enjoy all the food, family, and fun that you can this holiday! We don’t want you to have any pain this week. There is much to do! Come in for a physical therapy consultation and begin healing your hip condition.

There are many treatment options before hip replacement is even considered. Physical therapy can reduce pain, improve quality of life, and delay or even eliminate the need for surgery.

Here are some exercises that a physical therapist might suggest:

  • Hip Stretches -Lift one knee up to your chest as high as you can. Hold here for 10 seconds. Then repeat this exercise with the other knee. You can do this standing up or lying down.
  • Squats -Pro-longed squats can help strengthen the muscles around your hips.
  • Range Of Motion Exercises -Bending and stretching various hip muscles will increase the strength and flexibility of your hip making it easier to walk and run without pain.
  • Trigger Point Therapy - A professional physical therapist may use his or her hands and/or a “needling” technique to rid your muscles of tight “knots” that are causing tremendous pain.
  • Massage and Manipulation
  • Guided Exercises - Physical therapy for hip pain includes guided exercise. A physical therapist will have special equipment that you can use to strengthen hip muscles

Cross Bay Physical Therapy has everything you need and more to strengthen and stretch your hip. Guided by physical therapists that have extensive experience treating patients for hip pain, Cross Bay PT can help! Call (718) 835-0084 and schedule your evaluation today! Our physical therapy office is located in Howard Beach, Queens and near the surrounding areas of Richmond Hill, Lindenwood, Ozone Park, and Woodhaven.

By Benjamin Bieber