Physical Therapy Howard Beach

  • Physical Therapy - Queens

    Physical Therapy - Queens

    Knee problems are an affliction that most people deal with at least once in their lifetime. When it does happen, it is important to seek out treatment that not only heals your knee but also makes sure that the knee both gets back to it’s original state of health and becomes stronger as to avoid further injury.

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  • Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy

    Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy

    Spring is here! March 20th marked the beginning of spring! The coming of green grass, wonderful flowery aromas, and outdoor activity. From biking, to hiking, to outdoor sports, there are plenty of opportunities to be outside.

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  • Fractured Bones And Physical Therapy At The Sochi Winter Olympics

    In what is best described as a freak accident, a Russian ice worker was hit by a bobsled at the Sanki Sliding Center. Center officials sent an empty forerunning sled to make sure the run was in good condition for the athletes. Three workers were on the track at the time. Two of them noticed the oncoming bobsled and got out of harm’s way. The third suffered two broken legs because of the impact. He was using a motorized air blower and may not have heard the announcement of the oncoming bobsled. The worker had surgery on both legs and is currently in stable condition.

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