Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy

Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy
Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy

Spring is here! March 20th marked the beginning of spring! The coming of green grass, wonderful flowery aromas, and outdoor activity. From biking, to hiking, to outdoor sports, there are plenty of opportunities to be outside.

Many of us have had or have pain in parts of our body due to injury. I highly recommend physical therapy if you are continuing to have pain. It is easy to re-injure yourself and with the warm weather, you are going to want to be active.

Howard Beach Physical Therapy is great for healing both long and short term pain and injury. Whether for arthritis or a sports-related injury, physical therapy makes the body stronger and looser.

Tennis And Golf Elbow

One common injury people suffer from in spring is an elbow injury. With the start of tennis and golf, golf and tennis elbow, or elbow tendinitis can happen through overuse. Not being active in the sport, the quick use of this joint can stir up inflammation and pain.

It is important to begin slowly, getting your elbow used to the motions of these sports before over-doing it. If you start to feel pain, stop immediately. Physical therapy for tennis and golf elbow has a proven track record to correct the pain.

Warm Up Exercises

Using ice, massage, stretching, and exercising at Cross Bay Physical Therapy, the elbow joint and it’s surrounding muscles are made stronger and looser. Here are some warm up exercises you can do before playing your sport to decrease the chances of an injury:

  1. Wrist Circles - First, put your forearm on your knee with the palm facing upwards. Make a very light fist and make slow circles with your wrist. Repeat circles 20 times.
  2. Thumb and Finger Press - Place your hand on a table with your palm facing upwards. Press your thumb to each finger, one finger at a time until each finger is finished. Repeat this exercise 20 times with each hand.
  3. Hand Flips - Place your hands face down on your thigh. Then flip your hand upwards till the palm is facing up. Repeat this motion 20 times.

This warm-up loosens up the muscles and therefore, a loose and flexible elbow decreases the chances of overworking the joint and the surrounding muscles.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy

As a staple of the community, our Howard Beach physical therapists are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and recover from serious and painful medical conditions. Call 718-835-0084 and schedule an appointment now!

By Benjamin Bieber