Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury

Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury
Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury

Our howard beach physical therapists construct a plan for you that not only alleviates the knee pain and injury that you’re experiencing but also strengthens the knee to the point that you can return to your normal daily activity and exercise. Physical Therapy can be a way for you to strengthen your knee and maintain a high level of fitness as you continue to age.

Physical Therapy has a proven track record to help patients return to the sports that they love like tennis, golf, and basketball because one of the major overlooked aspects of an injury is not just healing aspect but also the need for strengthening it after it goes through a long period of weakness.

What occurs during a knee injury like arthritis or a ligament strain or tear is that the muscles around the knee have to overcompensate for the injury itself and therefore, weaken or become strained. The knee muscles themselves are also weakened due to the injury.

Coming into Howard Beach physical therapy, we know which muscles need to be consistently strengthened around your knee so that your current knee pain and disability is a thing of the past.

For example, here are two exercises that you can do at home to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

  1. Wall Sit
    1. Sit against the wall as if you're in a chair. Hold for 30 seconds and do this exercise for 4 repetitions. This exercise strengthens the hips and legs giving your knee further support and an ability to move without pain.

2. Quadriceps Squeeze

1. Lay down on a mat or a table. Bend one knee and place the foot on the floor. With the other leg, tighten the muscle above the knee and on the inside the knee. Then, lift the knee off of the floor and continue to tighten this muscle as it lifts upwards. Lift the leg for 5 seconds and then lower it back down, not touching the floor. Repeat for 10 lifts and do this exercise for a total of 3 sets for each leg.

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Cross Bay Physical Therapy helps repair knee injuries and helps patients get back to the activities they most want to do.

Call 718-835-0084 and schedule you first evaluation! Physical therapy is a vital part in the recovery process of a knee injury and making sure that your knee doesn’t re-injure.

Physical Therapy is also a way to maintain the knee’s strength as someone ages creating the environment for a healthy body and lowering the chances of knee pain arising as one plays the sports and does the activities that they love to do. With Physical Therapy, a person can enjoy being active long into their older ages.

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By Benjamin Bieber