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  • Wrist And Hand Therapy - Cross Bay Physical Therapy

    The Nepal Earthquake is a tragedy whereby many kind Nepalese people have killed. This past week another earthquake has rocked Nepal. If it is possible for you, please find a way to donate to a Nepal relief fund and help the Nepalese people with search and rescue, housing, medical supplies, and food supplies.

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  • Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury

    Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury

    Our howard beach physical therapists construct a plan for you that not only alleviates the knee pain and injury that you’re experiencing but also strengthens the knee to the point that you can return to your normal daily activity and exercise. Physical Therapy can be a way for you to strengthen your knee and maintain a high level of fitness as you continue to age.

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  • Throw Out My Back - Back Pain Treatment

    Throw Out My Back - Back Pain Treatment

    As we get older, it is possible to “throw out your back” with a quick, sudden movement. If this has recently happened to you, first understand that this is normal. Through physical therapy, it is not only possible to relieve this pain but also strengthen the back to decrease the chances that this will happen again.

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  • Wrist and Hand Physical Therapy -Howard Beach

    Wrist and Hand Physical Therapy -Howard Beach

    Firstly, just to note, there are two exciting holidays this week. One, President’s Day, celebrates the country’s presidents and particularly honors George Washington, our first President, and celebrates his birthday on February 22nd. The other is Ash wednesday, a day of fasting for Christians and the beginning of Lent.

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  • Relieving Arthritis Knee Pain

    When we have it, knee pain is all we think about. The knee joint is one of the most used joints in the body. Sometimes, undoubtedly, we may injure our knee or suffer knee pain from arthritis. Knee arthritis is actually one of the leading causes of disability for people over the age of 65. There are few ways to help relieve this knee pain.

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