Physical Therapy - Shoulder Pain and Injury

Physical Therapy - Shoulder Pain and Injury
Physical Therapy - Shoulder Pain and Injury

Heal Pain With Physical Therapy

To recover from shoulder pain, physical therapy is an important part of the process. Physical Therapy not only strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint but also these exercises ensure you are less likely to sustain a shoulder injury in the future.

Whether it is arthritis, a muscle tear, a rotator cuff injury, or a dislocation, Howard Beach Physical Therapy guarantees a significant reduction in the pain that you feel. Exercise, stretching, and guided massage help the shoulder improve mobility and lowers both stiffness and soreness.

Our Howard Beach physical therapists are specifically trained to heal moderate to severe shoulder injuries, first creating a plan that assesses your current shoulder condition and from there, devising a step by step plan to ensure the shoulder’s proper recovery.

The worst thing you can do in a shoulder injury is begin normal activity too soon and with the guidance of physical therapists, this is less likely to happen and if you do have to engage some light lifting, your exercises will have prepared your shoulder.

Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Below are several shoulder exercises that you can do at home to decrease shoulder stiffness and improve strength.

Internal and External Rotation With A Band - FIrst, put your elbow at a right angle. Using a stretching band attached to the wall or a pole, grab the band and hold it with a fist. Next, pull the band at a right angle away from the body. You should feel your shoulder musles working. Repeat for 10 repetitions for 3 sets.

Next, instead of pulling your elbow outwards to strengthen the shoulder muscles. Have it so that you feel the exercise when pulling your arm inwards toward your body rather than away. Remeber to keep your elbow straight! This will work the other parts of your shoulder muscles making the entire shoulder stronger.

Stretching The Back of The Shoulder - Grab onto your elbow with one hand and with the other hand, place it on the opposite shoulder. Then, pull your elbow toward the opposite shoulder until you feel a stretch. Hold for 1 minute and repeat with other shoulder.

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By Benjamin Bieber