Physical Therapy Treatment For Arthritis Pain

Physical Therapy Treatment For Arthritis Pain
Physical Therapy Treatment For Arthritis Pain

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Physical Therapy has tremendous benefits to improve arthritis pain. People with arthritis normally have stiff joints largely because they are actively avoiding movement that will cause pain.

The Goal Of Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to give your limbs greater flexibility and mobility as well as strengthen your muscles so that you can increase this mobility further.

With physical therapy, doing daily activity becomes much easier, you will have greater access to your body parts previously crippled by arthritis and you’ll be able to do activities with much less pain.

At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we focus on getting you back to the point where you can do normal daily activity without difficulty.

Benefits of Physical Therapy On Arthritis

Here are some benefits you will gain by coming in for Cross Bay Physical Therapy:

  1. Gain knowledge on the type of arthritis that you have in order to be better informed.
  2. You’ll learn different therapeutic methods that will help relieve pain and discomfort. We will teach you how to relieve discomfort if you experience intense pain and at particular times of the day such as the morning.
  3. Various exercises that you can do at home and in the gym to be able to do more of the activities you need to without tremendous pain.
  4. When to apply ice packs and heat packs during the day.
  5. We’’ show you various splints or supports that you can use to help you throughout the day. This includes what types of shoes and orthotics to wear that provide the most comfortable support system for you while walking.
  6. Through a combination of exercise, stretching, and massage, arthritic discomfort will be minimized and one will gain an increased ability to move throughout the day with less pain and greater functionality of areas affected by arthritis.

What To Do If You’ve Just Had Surgery

Physical therapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process after surgery. We can help you recover the mobility that you have lost because of the surgery.

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By Benjamin Bieber