Recover From Knee Pain With Cross Bay Physical Therapy

Recover From Knee Pain With Cross Bay Physical Therapy
Recover From Knee Pain With Cross Bay Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy For Knee Pain and Injuries

Knee pain is extremely common and most often occurs after a traumatic injury or a sudden increase in activity. Some people also randomly experience knee pain as they get older and this is often due to poor posture, weak muscles, or mis-alignment when walking. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our physical therapists figure out the cause of your knee pain and through a combination of strengthening, stretching, and hands-on physical therapy, treat your knee pain until it disappears.

An specialized treatment plan is created for each patient to ensure that they receive the best possible care at our state of the art facility in Howard Beach, Queens. Training a knee to recover often has to do with re-strengthening the muscles surrounding the knee. There also may be different problems that don’t involve your knee directly but are contributing to your knee pain.

For example, if you have foot or back pain everyday, the knee can begin to overcompensate for this weakness. This means that our physical therapists will also help you re-strengthen the areas of your body that are weak in order to support your knees recovery. This is something that can only be discovered under the guidance of one of our Howard Beach physical therapists.

Here are some examples of exercises in Physical Therapy that help the knee to recover in strength and flexibility. Remember to only partake in each exercise after one of our physical therapists has shown you the right form for each exercise.

  1. Leg Lifts - Lying on a flat surface, place both feet on the floor. Then, lie one leg flat and point the toes slightly away from the body. Lift your leg slowly about one foot off of the ground while squeezing the muscles that surround your knee. Gently lower your leg. Do 10 repetitions for 3 sets and then switch legs.
  2. Single-Leg Dips - This exercise should be felt in both the front and back of your thigh, buttocks, and hip. With two chairs on both sides of you, lift one of your legs putting it slightly in front of the other. Then, gently place your weight on the other leg lowering yourself down just a few inches. You can push your weight onto the heel of that leg still on the floor and this position for about 3 seconds. Afterwards, straighten back up slowly Repeat for 10 repetitions doing 3 sets for each leg.

If you are experiencing knee pain, it is time to come into Cross Bay Physical Therapy, which is located in Howard Beach, Queens. Our physical therapists have decades of experience helping patients overcome knee injuries and can help you get back to easily performing your daily activities pain-free.

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By Benjamin Bieber