Relieving Hip Pain From Arthritis

Relieving Hip Pain From Arthritis

Most of the world is delighting over the world cup as teams from all over the world compete to win. The USA had a surprising win against a very good team defeating Ghana 2-1, which is an exciting start for our national team. The USA world cup team will be playing Portugal next on Monday, June 23rd and then Germany of Thursday, June 26th.

Futbol is not without injury and some players are already out of the World Cup due to injury like David De Gea of Spain who suffered a hip muscle injury. Hip pain is a common occurrence and physical therapy is recommended to relieve pain and bring one back to normal activity.

Hip Pain From Arthritis

The hip is responsible for vital activities like running, walking, sitting and climbing stairs and alleviating hip pain is crucial to one’s life satisfaction.

One of the most common issues is pain from arthritis of the hip. Hip arthritis occurs when the cartilage tissue breaks down and bones increasingly rub together causing pain and inflammation.

If you are experiencing pain in the groin or the front of the hip, this is likely due to arthritis.

Physical Therapy For Hip Pain

The goal of physical therapy for hip arthritis is to make your hips strong and mobile. This is important because the hip bears much of the weight of your body and so its strength and mobility make sure you can perform normal daily activities.

In this way, at Cross Bay Physical Therapy, we do this by creating a treatment plan for your hip, which includes exercises, advanced hip strengthening, and range of motion exercises and serve to alleviate pain and improve one’s arthritic condition. Call (718) 835-0084 today to schedule an appointment!

Low Impact Hip Exercises

As exercise is one of the best treatments for arthritis in your hip, there are other exercises outside of physical therapy that serve to alleviate hip pain and strengthen the hip joint. These include:

1. Walking

2. Stationary Bicycle

3. Water Exercises (water aerobics, walking in water, light freestyle swim)

4. Yoga

Call Cross Bay Physical Therapy today at (718) 835-0084 to set an appointment with one of our trained physical therapists. We are located in Howard Beach, Queens and serve as Queens physical therapy for those that want pain relief and to avoid hip surgery.

By Benjamin Bieber