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  • March Madness Final Four and Physical Therapy For An Ankle and Knee Sprain

    The madness is on and its the week of the final four! What an exciting tournament it has been. Who would have thought that Wisconsin would be in the final four! I think the clear favorite is Florida. The have won the last 30 games straight.

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  • Computer Causing Bad Back? May Need Some Physical Therapy

    Absorbed in your latest project, you’re leaning forward and hunched over your computer. Without even realizing it, your shoulders have rolled forward, hiked up around the ears and your neck is drooping forward. When you finally stand up, it feels like all the muscles in your shoulders, neck and back have migrated to the wrong locations. You’ve got “The Computer Hunch.”

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  • Preventing Injuries During The Winter Season

    With the recent “polar vortex” and multiple storms that have pounded the Midwest and East Coast, winter weather related falls and injuries are definitely a concern. Unstable surfaces from ice and snow are unavoidable winter hazards. Ankle sprains, twisted knees and back injuries are incredibly common during the cold months.

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  • Daytona Races Show Physical Therapy is Needed After a Bone Fracture

    Although racecar driving isn’t often considered a sport, considerable amounts of athletic skills are necessary to bring home a win. In August, Tony Stewart broke his leg after a sprint-car crash. Nicknamed “Smoke,” Stewart has never wavered in his resolve to get back on the track. Since the injury, he’s given his leg time to heal and supplemented the healing process with physical therapy.

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