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  • Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Hip Pain

    Howard Beach Physical Therapy - Hip Pain

    Physical Therapy improves and treats a wide range of hip disabilities. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our Howard Beach physical therapists focus on creating an individualized treatment plan that will not only alleviate much of your hip pain but also make the hip stronger and able to endure more rigorous activities.

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  • Wrist And Hand Therapy - Cross Bay Physical Therapy

    The Nepal Earthquake is a tragedy whereby many kind Nepalese people have killed. This past week another earthquake has rocked Nepal. If it is possible for you, please find a way to donate to a Nepal relief fund and help the Nepalese people with search and rescue, housing, medical supplies, and food supplies.

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  • Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy

    Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow - Physical Therapy

    Spring is here! March 20th marked the beginning of spring! The coming of green grass, wonderful flowery aromas, and outdoor activity. From biking, to hiking, to outdoor sports, there are plenty of opportunities to be outside.

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  • 6 Ways Physical Therapy Helps Arthritis Pain

    6 Ways Physical Therapy Helps Arthritis Pain

    The month of May is National Arthritis Awareness Month and as Arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability, it is essential to understand, for those suffering with Arthritis, how you can help yourself; relieving pain and increasing functionality while doing normal daily activities.

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  • Shoulder Pain While Golfing

    The swing for a golfer is perhaps the most crucial aspect to a low handicap. Everything about the swing must be correct from holding the club, to footing, and the swing. When you are standing there, and the swing is correct, the ball flies and nothing feels more fluent than that swing.

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