Using Physical Therapy To Heal An Ankle Sprain

Using Physical Therapy To Heal An Ankle Sprain
Using Physical Therapy To Heal An Ankle Sprain

Physical Therapy For An Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is extremely common but with physical therapy, can happen over and over again always delaying the full recovery of the ankle. While a simple sprain seems like you can “just walk it off”, the ankle is weakened by the tendon and ligament damage. This means, because the ankle is weaker, it can not support your body’s weight and balance as well.

Any little misstep now can cause the ankle to roll re-injuring the ankle and gain delaying the recovery process. Normal healing time for an ankle sprain is 4 to 6 weeks but without physical therapy, this time period is drawn out because of tendency for chronic ankle sprains.

Fortunately, with simple training and exercises, guiding by a physical therapist, you can quickly re-strengthen the ankle and get it back to normal so it won’t roll at any little misstep. Physical Therapy is an important and almost necessary tool after an ankle sprain.


  1. Balance on a Bosu Ball - This exercise is extremely helpful to train the ankle for strength and balance. Using a Bosu Ball, a ball that has a flat surface, balance on the ball with one ankle. Hold your balance for 1 minute and then switch ankles. Repeat twice and do at least 3 times per week.
  2. Calf Stretch - One problem with sprains is that the surrounding muscles tighten reducing the ability of the tendons to heal themselves. It is important to keep the foot muscles loose so that the ankle can build back it’s strength. Both calf stretches that focus on the calf muscle as well as back of the heel (achilles tendon) help to ensure the ankle remains loose and doesn't succumb to further injury.

Our Howard Beach physical therapists will create a customized program for your physical therapy that will help you get better and most importantly, not re-injure the ankle Cross Bay Physical Therapy is located in Howard Beach, Queens.

Importantly, you should wear an ankle brace while outside of physical therapy because it will make it virtually impossible to re-injure the ankle. Also, if you are experiencing tremendous pain, wear crutches for the first few days after an injury. The name of the game is preventing further injury and building up the ankle’s strength when it is ready.

You should only start strengthening exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist because starting to early can further damage the ankle, which is why seeking out a physical therapist is so important to healing in the correct way and preventing long-term complications.

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By Benjamin Bieber