Why Physical Therapy Is Vital After An Ankle Sprain

Why Physical Therapy Is Vital After An Ankle Sprain

The Hunger Games MockingJay Part 1 just opened in movie theaters November 21st. This is the third movie of the series and many people are excited for it to come out as it has been one of the most popular blockbusters in the U.S.

Athlete’s like the star of the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, sometimes hurt themselves too. One common injury that we see over and over again at Cross Bay Physical Therapy is an ankle sprain. As I have done myself in the past, it is so easy to trip and roll one’s ankle. The end result is an ankle that is black and blue, swollen and painful.

So What Can We Do After An Ankle Sprain?

1. Firstly, Get Off Your Feet. Don’t add any additional pressure onto the ankle. This will prevent further injury from happening. Resting your ankle also gives the ankle time to heal without being overworked.

2. If the ankle hurts too much to walk, use crutches. Using crutches is much better than trying to walk on a sprained ankle. Again, this will not only reduce the amount of pain you feel but also make sure the ankle doesn’t get injured further.

2. Ice. Icing has many beneficial purposes some of which include reducing swelling and pain.

3. Be fitted for an ankle brace. The ankle brace is key. There are however different types of akle braces- some allow no ankle movement, other supports come with a hinge that allows for your foot to move up and down. You can be properly fittef for an ankle support by eihter your treating physician or our physical therapist. With a properly fitted support your ankle will not roll, twist, or make those movements that will aggravate the sprain. An ankle brace will also decrease the amount of pain that you feel because with less movement, you’ll feel less pain.

4. Go to Physical Therapy. This is one of the most important and often overlooked parts of recovering from an ankle sprain. When the ankle is injured, the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the ankle are severely strained and weakened. They can no longer support your weight and balance you as they did prior to your injury. This means that with any little imbalance or nudge that occurs, you have a greater chance of re-rolling and re-injurying your ankle. There is lso something called "propprioception" that is where you are in space- so your ankkle gets a disconnect from the brain and is not able to prevent in injury if something causes the ankle to become imbalanced like going down the stairs or stepping on a pebble or stone. This is why many professional and weekend athletes have chronic ankle sprains because they don’t re-strengthen their ankle after the injury with physical therapy. My number 1 advice is to go to physical therapy for an ankle sprain. This can save you from ankle injuries in the future.

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By Benjamin Bieber