Back Pain

  • Being A Weekend Warrior

    The snow is starting to melt and the temperatures are starting to rise. The arrival of spring means folks are shedding winter gear and heading outside to take advantage of warmer weather. The arrival of spring also usually means more injuries for “weekend warriors.” Weekend warriors are loosely defined are sedentary folks during the week who go all out with physical activity on the weekends.

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  • Falling Accidents and Needing Physical Therapy

    It happens to the young, the old, the coordinated, the uncoordinated, Academy award winners, performers and elite athletes - falling. While falling is not entirely preventable, there are steps you can take to reduce falling incidents and keep yourself safe.

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  • Computer Causing Bad Back? May Need Some Physical Therapy

    Absorbed in your latest project, you’re leaning forward and hunched over your computer. Without even realizing it, your shoulders have rolled forward, hiked up around the ears and your neck is drooping forward. When you finally stand up, it feels like all the muscles in your shoulders, neck and back have migrated to the wrong locations. You’ve got “The Computer Hunch.”

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