Back Pain

  • Physical Therapy For Back Pain Problems

    Physical Therapy For Back Pain Problems

    In celebration of Martin Luther King Day I would like to talk about how to alleviate back pain. There are several different causes of back pain such as injury, muscle strain, or overuse. Sometimes you know exactly why you are experiencing back pain and in other cases, it surprises you. One thing is certain: physical therapy has tremendous benefits for alleviating back pain.

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  • Physical Therapy For Back Pain and Back Injury In Howard Beach

    Physical Therapy For Back Pain and Back Injury In Howard Beach

    Amazingly, NASA landed a pod on top of a comet moving at 84,000 MPH. This feat not only took outstanding concentration, science, and precision but also the amount of data we will learn about the universe from this comet may revolutionize our understanding of the world and universe we live in.

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  • Physical Therapy For Computer-Based Back and Neck Pain

    Is sitting at your computer giving you back pain or neck pain? In today's society, many of our duties revolve around the computer. While technology is a great benefit to society, this does not mean we may not be sitting at the computer for several hours each day.

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  • Correct Back Pain With Physical Therapy

    Low back pain can stem from several causes. People older than 60 tend to suffer from pain associated with joint degeneration such as osteoarthritis. If you happened to twist your back, bend it awkwardly, or have fallen causing back pain, you may have a muscle strain in the low back.

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  • March Madness Final Four and Physical Therapy For An Ankle and Knee Sprain

    The madness is on and its the week of the final four! What an exciting tournament it has been. Who would have thought that Wisconsin would be in the final four! I think the clear favorite is Florida. The have won the last 30 games straight.

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