Howard Beach Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Howard Beach Physical Therapy For Back Pain
Howard Beach Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

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There are many different causes to low back pain and our Howard Beach physical therapists will not only figure out the specific cause that is triggering your pain but also develop a physical therapy treatment plain to relieve and strengthen your back.

For example, there are many different factors which may contribute to back pain. Poor posture lis one. Whether hunched over at your computer or walking with poor posture, back pain is a likely result.

Low back pain may result from tight muscles, improper footwear, a weak abdomen, or an unhealed injury. One thing we look at is where you are having pain in other parts of your body because when the back over compensates for weak muscles, back pain occurs.

Here are examples of exercises that help the back regain it’s strength:

  1. Core Strengthening exercises - Abdominal strengthening exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and leg-raises help stabilize back muscles.
  2. Standing Row - Standing in front of a machine with an exercise band, grab the band with both hands and pull it toward your hip flexing your low back muscles. Repeat for 10-12 reps and do 3 sets.
  3. Leg Lifts - Lie down on your side on a floor mat. Lift the leg that is closer to the ceiling about one foot off of the ground flexing your hip muscles at the same time. Gently lower your leg. Repeat 10-12 reps for 3 sets and then switch legs.

Our goal at Cross Bay Physical Therapy is to reduce the amount of back pain you are suffering from, help you gain control over your movements, and heal any soft tissue injury. At the end of your physical therapy session, there will be a significantly reduced chance of another back injury developing.

Each patients presents different problems and has a different lifestyle, which is why our physical therapists first understand your background and lifestyle before constructing a plan of treatment. During your exercise training, our physical therapists will carefully guide you through each exercise to make sure you are implementing them properly and you do not hurt yourself while completing them.

It is recommended to pursue back treatment only with the help of physical therapists as self-treatment has lead to the development of furthering a back injury.

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By Benjamin Bieber