Physical Therapy For Computer-Based Back and Neck Pain

Physical Therapy For Computer-Based Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain and Neck Pain From Bad Posture and Sitting At Your Computer

Is sitting at your computer giving you back pain or neck pain? In today's society, many of our duties revolve around the computer. While technology is a great benefit to society, this does not mean we may not be sitting at the computer for several hours each day.

If you are having back problems or neck problems because of sitting at the computer, Physical therapy can help. Physical therapy is a great way to relieve this painful condition. Here is why!

When you sit in such a position, it is bad posture causing your muscles in your back or neck to tighten. This causes the muscles to be easily overworked and due to the tightness, you feel pain. If you have ever wondered why your neck hurts before going to sleep, it may be due to computer-hunch.

Looking down at the computer and hunching over causes the muscles to tighten.

What to do?

Physical therapy trains your muscles to have better posture as well as help you to loosen your muscles so that they are not chronically tight. This will decrease the pain that you feel in your back and neck.

At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, located in Howard Beach, Queens, we use treatments such as TENS, Ice, Heat, and guided massage to help loosen your muscles and relieve pain. Then we provide a series of stretches and exercises.

Stretching exercises make you more flexible loosening tight and painful back muscles while strengthening exercises creates stronger muscles that can hold onto the right posture for longer.

Cross Bay Physical Therapy

Cross Bay Physical Therapy is able to provide physical therapy for those in Lindenwood, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, and surrounding Queens area and correct back pain, low back pain, and neck pain. Call (718) 835-0084 today and schedule an appointment!

First, you’ll receive a consultation where a physical therapist creates an individualized treatment plan. From this point, your physical therapist will show you and help you to perform exercises, stretching, and therapeutic techniques, to get you feeling better!

Call Cross Bay Physical Therapy and set up an appointment at (718) 835-0084!


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