Physical Therapy For The Hip In Howard Beach, Queens

Physical Therapy For The Hip In Howard Beach, Queens

Physical Therapy for hip pain can be extremely beneficial. Research has indicated that Physical Therapy can sometimes be just as effective as surgery for hip-related medical conditions. This is why it is crucial to try physical therapy for several months before making the decision to have surgery, since surgery is expensive with possibly risky complications.

Hip pain may have several caused. You may feel hip pain for apparently no reason, or you may be experiencing hip pain from a worsening arthritis of the hip. Sometimes recreation or sports puts extra strain on the hip joint causes strain.

The hip is one of the major weight bearing joints and responsible for many of life’s functional activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs, and moving from the sitting to standing position. Physical therapy for the hip may be essential for your recovery.

Where Pain Might Be Felt:

The hip is close to the lower back and sometimes it may be difficult to tell if the pain is coming from the hip or back. The location of your symptoms will help to solve this confusion.

Pain in the groin or front of the hip: This type of pain is most likely due to arthritis in the hip joint or a muscular strain around the hip.

Pain in the side of the hip: Pain in the side of the hip may indicate hip bursitis, or a problem with the muscles around the hip. Bursitis is a common problem and in many cases, can be treated using physical therapy.

Pain in the buttocks or back of the hip: Pain here may actually indicate there is a problem in the lower back and not the hip. One way to test for this is to stand up with your feet slight apart and bend toward the ground. Let your low back bend and repeat this 5-6 times. If your pain changes significantly as you bend up and down, it is most likely a lower back issue and not a hip issue.

Help With Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy serves to increase the hip’s range of motion, strength, and flexibility. By making your hips strong and mobile, we can quickly eliminate hip pain and create a rapid return to your normal daily activity.

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By Benjamin Bieber